Music composed by Robert J. Kral
Label: La-La Land Records
LLLCD 1106
Year: 2009

1. Green Lantern: First Flight Main Title
2. The Ring Chooses Hal
3. Hal Meets the Lanterns / The Flight to Oa
4. Labella's Club
5. Going after Cuch
6. The Way I Heard It
7. Bugs in the Baggage
8. Teleport Pursuit
9. Brutal Attack / The Fate of Kanjar Ro
10. Relinquishing the Ring
11. Back from the Dead / Boodikka Turns
12. The Weaponers / Sinestro Transforms
13. The New Power Arrives
14. The Corps Fights Sinestro
15. The Corps Falls
16. Revival of the Green Lantern
17. Asteroid Battle
18. Ring Against Ring
19. The Green Lantern Pledge
20. Green Lantern: Closing Credits

Total Time: 61:22

Reviewed by
Viviana Ferreira

For some time now Robert J. Kral has been scoring animated features based on DC comic books. Following previous efforts like Superman: Doomsday and Batman: Gotham Knight, now with Green Lantern: First Flight he proves once again his competence with this kind of material.

In the film we see Hal Jordan (voiced by Christopher Meloni) to be recruited to join the Green Lantern Corps and placed under the supervision of the most powerful Lantern, called Sinestro. He soon discovers that his mentor, in fact, is the central figure in a secret conspiracy. Hal Jordan should improve his newly discovered powers and fight the treacherous Lanterns hidden within their own ranks, to maintain order in the Universe.

The first score track, "Green Lantern: First Flight Main Title" is a powerful tune that comes with the orchestra mixed with the slightly electronic sound, where the brass instruments (especially the trumpets) stand out over the melody - which is great by the way. "The Ring Chooses Hal" is fine and reminiscent of Marco Beltrami's style of mixing unique and electronic sounds. Follows another highlight, "Hal Meets the Lanterns / The Flight to Oa", a fabulous action track that features beautiful harmony.

The delicious "Labella's Club" employs the lira camouflaged by electronic devices, that makes it sound like contemporary experimental music. "The Way I Heard It" is another track that stands out for its unique sound and beautiful melody. Other tracks that deserve mention are "Back from the Dead," "The New Power Arrives", "The Corps Falls" and the excellent "Revival of the Green Lantern," where the orchestra builds a complex melody with great quality. "Green Lantern: Closing Credits" is another great track, supreme and magnificent.

The score is perfect in its own purposes, where the suspense and action give us the impression that we are inside the film and reacting like Hal Jordan. If Green Lantern in fact becomes a live action feature (with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role), to call Robert to write the score would be a nice move. He not only honed his compositions, but also refined them. This one is following the right path.