Music composed by
Mychael Danna
Label: RCA Legacy
Catalog: 8-2876-78151-2
Year: 2006

1. Out There
2. "The village of Holcomb..."- Truman Capote
3. "The two young men had little in common..."- Truman Capote
4. Spoon Feeding
5. "This is it, this is it, this has to be it..."- Truman Capote
6. "Holcomb is twelve miles east of the mountain time zone border..."- Truman Capote
7. N.Y. Reading
8. "Eight non-stop passenger trains hurry through Holcomb every twenty-four hours..."- Truman Capote
9. If One Bird- Mychael Danna
10. "It was midday deep in the Mojave Desert..."- Truman Capote
11. "It was late afternoon..."- Truman Capote
12. "Perry noticed them first - hitchhikers, a boy and an old man..."- Truman Capote
13. "At five that afternoon...the long ride came to an end."- Truman Capote
14. Not Much Time Left
15. "Dewey had watched them die..."- Truman Capote
16. I Thought He Was A Very Nice Gentleman
17. Epigraph
18. Answered Prayers

Total Time: 76:21

Reviewed by
Jorge Saldanha

In Capote, the recent Bennet Miller directed drama, Oscar® nominee Philip Seymour Hoffman gives us a very human portrait of the famous writer Truman Capote, whose credits includes some novels that became movie classics like Blake Edwards' Breakfast at Tiffany's and Robert Brooks' In Cold Blood. Composer Mychael Danna created an inspirational score to impersonate the author, who in the film has decided to investigate the murders of the Clutter family as a possible subject for a non-fiction novel. Those facts gave birth to Capote's most known book, In Cold Blood.

Danna, who has scored many of Atom Egoyan's and Ang Lee's films, is recognized as a pioneer of combining non-Western sound sources with orchestral  and electronic minimalism in film music. Capote's music is what we could expect from the composer's output - he created an intimistic, minimalistic and often delicate score with the only intention to enhance the film's dramatic content. The score relies mostly on the piano and a little string ensemble that features solo violins, violas and celli. Each note of his music is carefully built to create a mood and to tie scenes together. It never intrudes or turns itself into the highlight of a scene.

This approach works wonderfully in the theaters, however on the soundtrack album it becomes somethink ackward. Unfortunately, there's more than music in this album and first of all I must say that I don't like soundtrack albuns that features more content than music, like dialogues or sound effects. To be fair this RCA release can't be considered a "soundtrack album" - it's not even presented as a soundtrack CD, it's just "Capote: The Album." It is, in fact, a condensed In Cold Blood's audiobook, with long Truman Capote's readings of the novel (extracted from "Truman Capote reads scenes from 'In Cold Blood'", a 1966 recording) linked by a few short Danna's tracks - the longest score cue, "Not Much Time Left",
runs for only three minutes and four seconds.

Yes, this seventy six minutes CD consists mostly of dialogue, and only fifteen minutes and twelve seconds of Mychael Danna's score can be heard. Of course the narration from In Cold Blood by Capote himself is so engaging that makes you to want more (read the book, watch the DVD!), and the short pieces by Danna help you to immerge in the novelist's creation. But the point to the listener is, why not just to buy a real audiobook of In Cold Blood and a complete score album? Shamefully this last one wasn't released, so it's impossible to purchase...

On the few tracks that offer Danna's selections, we can get amazed by the sense of his delicate rhythms. Cues like "Epigraph" and "Answered Prayers" also emphasize the piano work. But this does little justice to Danna's efforts, and only serves to make us wanting to hear more - a lot more.