Music composed and conducted by Erik Lundborg

Label: Warner
Catalog: Promo CD
Year: 2003
Tracks: 25
Total Time: 46:46

Reviewed by
Jorge Saldanha


How many times you had to answer the inevitable question "What kind of music do you like?", and almost excusing yourself you answered that you really enjoy soundtracks, not those horrible song compilations but the underscore tracks? Now imagine a worse scenario: you have to confess to the girl you love that, besides liking games, you also likes... game music? Be cool and try to calm her down explaining that the market of game soundtracks is in expansion, score albuns from Shadows of The Empire, Medal of Honor, Final Fantasy, Streets Of Rage and Resident Evil were released, lots of them with high quality music that many times equals the music for the movies. And today it´s common to have big orchestral music in game soundtracks. Two recent efforts fit in this category, Christopher Lennertz´s Medal of Honor: Rising Sun and Erik Lundborg´s Enter the Matrix. The last one is the first videogame of the Wachowski franchise, where Erik Lundborg incorporated into his own music Don Davis' swelling brass effects and nervous contrapuntal energic theme music from The Matrix.

Lundborg was a logical choice for the task since he also has arranged and orchestrated Davis' scores for the nine animé short-film prequels collectively titled The Animatrix, and the two theatrical sequels The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions. In addition to those Matrix efforts Lundborg has arranged and orchestrated for Don Davis on films like Behind Enemy Lines, House on Haunted Hill and AntiTrust. As a composer, Lundborg has scored several features including Return to Sender, Analog Roam and The Sun and SerpentEnter the Matrix contains some techno music and excerpts from the original Reloaded score, but Lundborg´s writing prevails. Since the music for the game had to keep the orchestral mood and signatures from the series, it wasn´t easy for Lundborg to write something really unique. But there´s one great plus here: if you like the scores from the movies, you will like the Enter the Matrix orchestral music too.

Erik Lundborg explains the difference between scoring a videogame and a feature film: "Game music is designed to enhance and sustain action, while film music contains a varied range of emotional experience." From this point of view Erik Lundborg undertook the daunting task of creating a unique type of music for the videogame while staying true to the music that is Matrix. He wrote 130 minutes of music and this promotional CD includes only 46 minutes of them. Faithful to his own concept of game music Lundborg composed a very nice collection from what I call "generic" music where the individual tracks are labeled as "Action/Fighting", "Suspense", "Impending Danger", "Asian Wind" and "Cineractives" (these heard in the movie sequences integrated to the game, a must for Matrix fans).

All the music in the album is nicely performed by the Seattle Symphony conducted by Lundborg. I really think that this score worths a regular release. If not it will be a shame because Erik Lundborg made a good job which deserves a wider recognition - not only among game players.