Music composed by John Debney
Label: Sony Classical
Catalog: Advance Review - TBA

Year: 2010

1. Ivanís Metamorphosis
2. House Fight MK1
3. Making Pepper CEO
4. Senate/Ivan Creates Drones
5. Make Way For Tomorrow Expo
6. Rhodey Dons Suit
7. Dying Hero
8. Natalie Intro Rhodey / Tony Talk
9. Monaco Drive
10. Monaco
11. Jailhouse Talk
12. Ivan Escapes
13. Gun Show
14. Tony Discovers Dadís Secret
15. Sledgehammer MK2
16. Nick Fury
17. New Element / Particle Accelerator
18. Sledgehammer MK1
19. New RT / To The Expo
20. Black Widow Kicks Ass
21. Iron Man Battles The Drones
22 Ivan Demise / The Kiss
23. Thor
24. I Am Iron Man
25. Make Way For Tomorrow (Vocals)

Total Time: 73:30

Reviewed by
Tom Hoover

Consider this the Mark 2 score for Iron Man. Taking over where Ramin Djawadi left off, John Debney assumes control of the composing duties for Iron Man and delivers an impressive and confident score. While the nifty new theme that was created for Iron Man 2 is not used as much as I would have liked, this effort by Debney delivers an ironclad good time!

The key difference between the two Iron Man scores is that this one feels a bit more complete and there is more depth with the orchestra. The rock and roll guitar components are well represented for sure, but Debney ensures that the orchestral influence is given its due in a variety of ways. Most noticeably, there are quite a few segments in which the heroic melodies are ushered forward while in other instances there is bold action material to represent the clash of characters. Not to be counted out, however, are the secondary touches that listener can enjoy, which include old fashioned romance cues and an influence of science fiction. In short, this one is filled to the very brim with fun genre access points and it's all brought together in a cohesive fashion.

As far as a downside to Iron Man 2? Not much to speak of. Granted, the new main theme is not employed enough until the finale (where it's heard in full), but the score is such an absorbing listening experience that one can accept this rather easily. Perhaps the best way to indulge is to enjoy each individual track for what it offers and embrace the overall tone as the representative "sound" for Iron Man.

While many frowned upon the first score in this franchise, I thought that it serviced the film fairly well. Where I agree with the majority is that Iron Man 1 couldn't sustain itself on stand-alone listening sessions. Debney's influence, however, takes the music of Iron Man out of theaters and into the home speakers as this is the type of score that you can listen to many times apart from the show. I dig the attitude, the rock and roll drive, and the overall world that Debney shaped musically. Tony Stark and company are certainly in good hands here!

An exciting and rather determined piece of work, Iron Man 2 delivers a score that many had been hoping to hear in the franchise. While it won't please everyone (what superhero score does?), it is entertaining from start to finish and it will do well on repeat listens. Be sure to pick this one up in early July!