THE League of extraordinary gentlemen 
Music composed and conducted by Trevor Jones

Label: Colosseum
Catalog: 6492
Year: 2003

1.Dawn of a new century
2.Kenya - wait for me
3.Task requires heroes
4.Promenade by the sea
5.Nautilus - sword of the ocean
6.The game is on
7.Old tiger
8.Capturing Mr. Hyde
9.Mina Harker's secret
10.Phantom's liar
11.Portrait of Dorian Gray
13.Storming the fortress
14.May this new century be yours
15.Son of Africa

Total Time: 54:40

Reviewed by
Iordan Stoitchkov (Cinematracks)

Nowadays, when the movie scores are filled with the most outlandish modern sounds, listening to an entirely orchestral score it is almost like partying. Few are the composers who have the chance to use the talents of the phenomenal London Symphony Orchestra, and Trevor Jones shows us, once again, that he knows how to do it.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) follows the adventures of an eccentric group, formed by some of the most famous characters from universal Literature: The Invisible Man, Captain Nemo, Mina Harker (from Bram Stokerís Dracula), Dorian Gray, Tom Sawyer, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and the adventurer Allan Quatermain, the same one who discovered the fantastic King Solomonís mines, played here by Sean Connery. 

Although the film has impressive designs and visual effects, the narrative seems to be barely effective and indeed confused. Therefore Trevor Jonesí original music, that accompanies the incredible situations, starts with a very dramatic main theme. This theme, first heard in "Dawn of New Century", contrary to which we could expect for this kind of adventure film, is extremely dark. 

The score develops in tracks like "The Game is On" and "Treachery" where horns, strings and woods sound united in a true roar of orchestral sound. "Mina Harkerís Secret" is more introspective, where flute and strings - always in smaller scale - predominate within the dark loudness. "Capturing Mr. Hyde" is another melody where the marked bass notes reign, like in most part of the album.

It seems that the most interesting tracks are "Nautilus - Sword of the Ocean", thanks to its more heroic and epic style; and "Storming the Fortress", since its primarily rhythmical structure turns it into an exciting, although exaggerated action piece. This CD, a German import limited edition, ends with an African song called "Son of Africa" that symbolizes Quatermainís love for that continent. The song is by Trevor Jones too, and Ladysmith Black Mambaso performs it. 

As an additional piece of information, we can indicate that the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemenīs script is based on a comic book created by the English artist Alan Moore (one of the most prestigious in his field), who among many other things has drawn Batman: The Killing Joke and From Hell.

The last one was adapted for the screen in the film From Hell (2001). Peculiarly, the composer from both film scores is Trevor Jones. Or perhaps not so peculiarly, since Trevor Jones has become a kind of an expert in writing music for this kind of dark movies, like his well known works for Dark City, Hideaway and the already mentioned From Hell.

If there is something that unites the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to those scores, it is their similar musical structure. The music on the screen is constant and present in all the scenes. This creates a strange trembling sensation, like a "sound wall" that produces in the viewer an effect of oppression and confinement to the story. An ingenious effect, but in the end it can become tiresome.