About the Site

The most traditional film music website in Portuguese language on-line since July, 1999, in its 4th anniversary launched its English language content counterpart: ScoreTrack.net – Music for Movies.

The site sections can be accessed just clicking on the frame links above, or through links contained in our main page. The site content, which includes soundtrack reviews, news, articles and composer bios, is open for consultations and all the visitors are able to post messages in the Message Board and to send us articles or commentaries.

Right now we are looking for contributors, but since it is a nonprofit site we can´t pay them. The access to ScoreTrak.net pages and all its services is free, our only objective is to gather people who share the same love for movies, soundtracks and for the composers who create them.

Special thanks to Lukas Kendall and D'Lynn Waldron, Phd for their support to this project.


Jorge Saldanha - Webmaster/Editor